Muller Toyota Winter Weather Service Tips

Winter Weather Service Tips

Keeping your cool while driving in cold weather can be tough. There are a ton of things that could go wrong with your car when Old Man Winter enters the picture. Luckily, Muller Scion is here with a list of helpful tips for winter car service that will have your car in top shape in even the most frightful of weather conditions.

Tip #1: Put New Antifreeze into the Car

Antifreeze is your car's best friend during frigid temperatures. That's why it is important to make sure your car has a fresh dose of the stuff. As a general rule of thumb, you should change out the antifreeze in your car every other winter.

Tip #2: Check Tire Depth

If there is one part of the car you do not want to have fail on you, it is your tires. Therefore, you should check the depth of your tires to ensure all four are set for wintry mixes on the road.

Tip #3: Never let Your Gas Tank Go Empty

Instinct probably tells you to wait as long as possible to fill up your gas. Don't listen to that instinct during the winter! Low levels of gas in the tank can affect your fuel in cooler temperatures. Make sure to keep your gas tank as full as possible.

Tip #4: Use Winter Weather Wipers

Your regular wipers may be good enough for a rainy day. However, winter carries a lot more than just rain with it. To combat mixes of snow and sleet, consider investing in specialized wipers designed for winter weather.

Winter won't be a problem for you if you follow these simple winter weather service tips.