Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned


Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned car is a great way to get more for your money. Certified Pre-Owned cars come at a lower price than their new car counterparts, while still offering many of the benefits of a new model. When it comes down to buying a used car, a new car, and a Certified Pre-Owned car, the latter may be the best choice for a wide range of reasons.

First, a Certified Pre-Owned car comes backed by the manufacturer, usually with the remaining new car warranty, and an additional limited warranty. When a car is under consideration for a Certified Pre-Owned program, the manufacturer puts it through a long, strenuous multi-point inspection. That inspection weeds out any problems and repairs are made accordingly.

In order to be considered for a Certified Pre-Owned program in the first place, a car must meet mileage and age requirements. Low-mile, newer cars offer the best deals as a result.

A Certified Pre-Owned model is still a used car, so while it won't be free of the typical wear and tear that eventually comes with older cars; it also won't depreciate as soon as it leaves the lot. That means it's worth exactly what you paid, even when you pull into the garage.

The additional cost of a Certified Pre-Owned car versus an average used car is like extra insurance that the car will run well for years to come. While a used car could break down in just a few months due to unforeseen problems, the manufacturer backs a Certified Pre-Owned car, ensuring that even if something goes wrong, the car is covered.

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