Warning Lights Information


Warning Lights

Warning lights are the most obvious indicator that something's wrong with your vehicle, but many drivers either don't know what they mean or wave them off entirely. While there's nothing we can do for the latter group of drivers, we can help those who simply don't know what the lights mean. Here's a quick rundown of the meaning behind several common warning lights and what to do if they come on.

  • Check Engine - Literally shaped like an engine, the check engine light indicates that the computer has initiated a Diagnostic Trouble Code. To turn it off, visit a dealership service department that can diagnose the problem with a scanning tool. The check engine light could mean there's a major problem or it could simply be a small hole in a hose. Better safe than sorry!
  • Reduced Power Warning - Shaped like the "check engine" light, the "reduced power warning" light adds a downward-facing arrow to the mix. This light means that the engine computer has limited power output due to a failed component. Have a professional check the engine to identify the problem.
  • Change Engine Oil - An indicator that you really need to change your oil, the "change engine oil" light is controlled by the Engine Control Module. That system takes in multiple readings to determine the life of the oil. The easiest way to turn it off is to visit a service department for a much-needed oil change.

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