Lease End Options

Is your lease ending soon? Muller Toyota in Clinton, NJ, has many lease-end options available for you to choose from!

If you are approaching the end of your lease term on your Toyota, you should consider stopping by Muller Toyota in Clinton, New Jersey. Our friendly staff can help you decide what your next step should be, whether you want to extend or purchase your current vehicle, or get into a new vehicle all together. If you have six months or less left on your current lease, swing by Muller Toyota and we'll help you make the decision that fits your needs!

Option 1

Return your old lease, then lease a new vehicle from Muller Toyota

With option 1, you can return your old leased vehicle and lease a brand new one! View our extensive New Vehicle Inventory to find, and learn more about, the right vehicle for you. Take a look at our monthly lease specials for more great savings opportunities.

Option 2

Extend your lease

With option 2, you can extend the lease on the vehicle you're currently driving. Whether you want to hold on the vehicle you love just a few more months, or you want to hold-out on the new model that hasn't been released yet, Muller Toyota can help you get it done. In most scenarios, we can help you extend your lease for one or more months for the same monthly payment you're paying now!

Option 3

Buy your leased vehicle

Many decide that they have come to love their leased vehicle, and with good cause! Muller Toyota can help you get financing to buy your leased vehicle outright. With this option, there are no fees for extra mileage, or excess wear and tear to worry about.

Option 4

Turn in your leased vehicle and walk away!

With this option there are a few guidelines you would have to adhere to. Our team hear at Muller Toyota can help get you through the process. When you have two months left of your lease term, you will have to bring in your vehicle for an inspection to determine if there will be a usage charge do to excess mileage or wear & tear. Once you have completed the inspection, we can arrange an appointment about a week before the lease ends to turn in your vehicle. You should be prepared to to bring the following items with you to this appointment.

  • All keys and key fobs to the vehicle
  • The owners manual
  • Floor mats (if your vehicle came with them at the start of your lease)
  • A signed Odometer Disclosure Statement(we'll fill you in on this during your appointment)
  • Proof your last payment has been made per the original lease agreement