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Changing Your Tires in Clinton, NJ

How To Change A Tire

If you're not handy with cars, then you may have always had someone else change your tires for you. But sooner or later, you may end up alone on the side of the road with a flat tire and nobody to help. So here's a quick how-to guide to give you a working knowledge about changing tires so you know where to start if you get stranded.

The Tools

Every car should come with a few tools that are crucial to doing a tire change by yourself: the owner's manual, a spare, a wrench, and a jack. Typically these are located somewhere in your trunk or glove box. You should also have a flashlight on hand just in case.

The Steps

First, if you realize you have a flat tire, you should find a safe spot off the busy road to replace it. Put on your hazard lights and apply a parking brake for extra safety. After that, follow these steps:

  • If you have a hubcap or wheel cover, remove that before proceeding. However, if you don't and the lug nuts of your vehicle are exposed, loosen the lug nuts, but don't remove them.
  • Raise your vehicle up with the jack so that the tire is six inches off the ground.
  • Take out the loosened lug nuts and remove the flat tire, then replace it with the spare. Put the lug nuts back in place and tighten them as far as they will go by hand, without using the wrench.
  •  Lower the jack until the tire is back on the ground, then tighten the lug nuts the rest of the way with the wrench.

If you ever need any help along the way, feel free to reach out to the Muller Toyota team. We are your local dealership for servicing your vehicle. We service all makes including Toyota. You can find us at 2019 Route 31 in ClintonNew Jersey 08809.


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